Stop Freaking Out, Whole Foods is Still Coming to Shreveport

Update: Jessica Loftin, one of our readers was able to get a response from the WFSBC Facebook page that said they are still on track to open this fall. (See this message screenshot)

Original article:

Look, it seems like some in Shreveport have the spooks about cool stuff coming here. It’s not an unreasonable concern to have, given how much we’ve narrowly missed in the past – from Anheuser Busch to RCA Records, we’ve been passed up by a lot of great things over the years. But today, it seems our collective pessimism has ruffled its plumage and taken a strut down 70th Street.

710KEEL took Whole Food’s development sign removal as a sign of doom amidst rumors over the last 6 months that the grocery and market was pulling up stakes. They took something small and made it huge with zero evidence or followup – and people clicked, because we love bad news. But please relax, folks. These no real evidence that Whole Foods is going anywhere.

First thing, there is still a sign with Whole Foods’ logo on it on property seen above, taken today.

Secondly, according to someone familiar with developments of this type, taking down a development sign is standard practice just before a property is finished.

Third, we have been told that some people have recently been interviewed locally for jobs at Whole Foods Shreveport.

Fourth, the WFShreveport official Facebook page was just updated two weeks ago.

So we ask you – why the hell are you so cynical, Shreveport?

Simmer down, now.