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Heliopolis is an independent culture and news website with the goal of supporting and growing the local community of Shreveport and Bossier City. We offer an inside view of local entertainment, business, government, and a healthy amount of humor that citizens connect with and trust. The writing and editorial team is local and that connection is an invaluable asset that makes Heliopolis the best citizen-voiced online magazine in the region. With our dedicated readership building momentum every day, we continue to strive to provide the best coverage of local arts, community events, and news with passion and authority.

We do not have any investors and ownership consists of current and former leadership at the paper. Funds we raise through advertising pay for web hosting costs, advertisements or boosted social media posts of our own, and we also put some toward events we do throughout the year. Take advantage of our competitive advertising prices which target a young and progressive demographic which is rapidly expanding in the Northwest Louisiana area. Advertising with Heliopolis benefits you, your business, and supports a growing voice in the community. To inquire about advertising with us, please contact chris@heliopolis.la.

Advertising Stipulations

Heliopolis reserves the right to refuse ad buys for any reason. We believe a good community is one that is self-supporting; we do not allow businesses or organizations from outside the greater Shreveport Metropolitan Statistical Area to advertise with us. We do not accept advertisers who market on behalf of another business or service (third parties). Some of our content is political in nature, thus we do not allow election campaigns or other politically-related ads, though we may choose to run internally-created advertising to support community awareness of an upcoming election. We do not trade advertising, gifts, or free passes to events in exchange for a guarantee of writing an article. We may grant an advertisement or coverage for an event we create ourselves or co-sponsor.

Current Web Ad Opportunities

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250×250 “Sidebar” square ad in rotation on the sidebar with up to two other ads. Exclusive options available.