Shreveport Passes Cannabis Decriminalization Ordinance for Holding Half an Ounce or Less

Shreveport City Council passed an ordinance reducing the penalty of possession of less than 14g (half an ounce) of cannabis within the City of Shreveport. Instead of arrest, Shreveport Police will be directed to issue a ticket for $50.

Only two council members voted against the measure, James Boucher (District D) and James Flurry (District E). The reasoning for their vote was not shared during the meeting.

The ordinance is effective in 30 days (after 4/20).

Unfortunately this first step is only a step. State law still holds penalties for possession, records of those who were convicted of this offense in the past still stand, and the legislation did not address amounts of other cannabis products not traditionally measured in grams or ounces with any specificity.

John Nickelson, co-sponsor of the ordinance, responded to our question about expungement saying he was open to a city council resolution encouraging the State of Louisiana to expunge past records for low level possession once the core ordinance passed.