Seaweed and experimental film now on display at Meadows Museum

Meadows Museum, Centenary College, has opened an exhibit by Joan M Hall, a nationally-known artist who is passionate about the sand, coral, seaweed and algae of the ocean. Additionally, Hall says she is “one of the preeminent handmade paper artists in the United States.”

The clumps of seaweed that you can see appended to the Meadows’ walls are intricate and not real, in a sense. Each is handmade.

Hall’s exhibit focuses on Atlantic fauna but she has collected similar materials from the Louisiana coast. Floating, traveling and noxious plastics are much in her view.

It is an appealing exhibit, perhaps more so since Shreveport
lies some 300 miles from the Gulf.

Highly recommended. On view through March 29. 

Also on exhibit is an experimental film by Adam Hogan. Hogan describes his film Silent Forest: Return as “the progression of a non-narrative reflection exploring the strained relationship that humanity has to place.”

“This film explores the fragility of our Gulf Coastal ecosystem through a hauntingly beautiful depiction of its bayous and marshes,” said Meadows Museum of Art Director Sean FitzGibbons. “Adam Hogan’s work is crucially important to bringing awareness of what is happening to our beloved bayous, not just in Louisiana, but throughout the entire Gulf.”

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