There is time now. Quite a bit of time and, for many of us, a little less space to spend it in. With the rate of infection of COVID-19 as high as it is and rising here in Caddo parish, it is up to us to do our part to help flatten the curve by physically keeping away from others. In this age of social distancing, we are doing our best to not only stay well, but also to find a new normal for our day to day lives.

Social distancing can do a number on your health and your sanity, which is why it is important to keep up routines and rituals. Here are a few tips for maintaining sound mind, body, and spirit during the quarantine.

Routine — Create Structure

With many being home from work and school, there is actually a lot of newfound freedom to create your own schedule. If you really want to make it through this in a stable condition, you are going to have to set up your own set of daily norms. This can include:

  • Setting a wake-up alarm for around the same time every day
  • Continuing to practice good hygiene (shower, brush your teeth, wash your hands, etc)
  • If you are still working, schedule regular 15-minute breaks every 90 minutes or so
  • Prepare meals ahead of time to avoid nervous eating and mindless snaking
  • If furloughed, start exploring a hobby or passion project
  • Encourage family and/or roommates to keep a similar daily routine

Ritual — Stay Grounded and Positive

It’s time to learn to be by yourself. Create an environment within your home that is conducive to inner peace, emotional wellness, and mental clarity. You can achieve this by:

  • Keep a positive affirmation for yourself; write it on sticky notes or a mirror and repeat it throughout your day
  • Make time for daily meditation. This doesn’t have to be formal. Just take 5-10 minutes every day to get still and focus inward rather than on external worries and stressors.
  • Reconnect with loved ones online. Have a video call those you want to stay in contact with. And please call your mom.
  • Find the little wins in every single day.

Decide that you are not stuck at home. Decide you have an opportunity to be with your family, to change your diet, to write that book, to start painting.  Decide you are doing your part to help the world heal. We may be distant, but that does not mean we are trapped or isolated. Be kind to yourself and be well.

For more information on healthy living during the pandemic, visit CDC website: