Lyft launches operations this weekend just in time for Shreveport’s 9th Annual Brew Beer Festival.

Update: Watch the first Lyft ride with commentary and diver Q&A!

What’d You Say?

Yes, that’s right. After over a year and a half of negotiations, several key elements have come into place and a Lyft/Shreveport partnership has been forged. About two weeks ago, after the unanimous vote of the city counsel to remove the hold harmless provision within ordinance 102-88, Heliopolis reported that Lyft had begun to hire drivers in this area. It was predicted we would be Lyfting around Dreamport before Christmas but Christmas has come early and now, Lyft is live.

How Do I Deal With This Sudden Shock?

Stay calm, we have you covered. Download the Lyft App immediately (click here). If you use that link – which is a Heliopolis referral code (which we will use to help us cover cool events in town) – you will instantly receive $5 off your first 4 rides and the opportunity to receive $10 in Lyft credit when your friends take a ride with Lyft. You can share to your friends using your referral code too! Because it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Lyft is offering the opinion to opt into a program where you can donate to the American Cancer Society at the end of your ride. Extra sweet.

When you download the Lyft App you will be asked for credit card information, which is how you will be charged for rides around town. Even though you are entering your information during setup, your credit card will not be charged until after your first Lyft ride. Don’t forget to tip – it is our neighbors and friends driving for extra cash and self-employment freedom.

Lyft to Brew Fest!

The 9th Annual Shreveport Brew Festival is Saturday, October 14 from 2-6 p.m. (get tix) in festival plaza. Spend your afternoon sampling internationally-acclamined and domestically micro-brewed ales. Brew also features live music, food samples, and big-screen TVs playing the college football games.

But wait there is more, you can hang out with the Heliopolis crew too – we will be there, cameras in hand. For what? We’ll never tell.