As the stay-at-home order continues through its second week and Governor John Bel Edwards plans to extend that order through at least April 30th, many Shreveporters are still looking for ways to fill their day. Fairfield Studios has created an audience its live performance series on the Strange Brew Live Facebook Page, and numerous businesses and organizations throughout the community have worked diligently to do the same.

There has been one conspicuous absence, however, and that is Prize Foundation — the parent organization to Film Prize, Music Prize, Food Prize, Startup Prize, Film Prize Jr., Comedy Prize and Fashion Prize. With such a big tent of artistic and business arms, it should come as no surprise that the team has been hard at work creating their own project for those stuck at home: PrizeCast.

“These are crazy, crazy times, so thought we’d try to brighten everyone’s day with PrizeCast which, hopefully, puts Shreveport  and all the good that’s been created here under a bright spotlight,” said Gregory Kallenberg, Executive Director of the Prize Foundation. “Our hope is that PrizeCast will do its part to help entertain folks a little as we go through this health crisis and, hopefully, get Prize Nation into the right mindset for when we are able to celebrate together again.”

Prize Foundation announced the launching of their video streaming platform — which will begin airing Monday, April 6th at noon — with a video praising the strength of the bonds we share and power of community.

PrizeCast content will spread an array of prize focus areas, starting with Film, Food, and Startup Prizes as well as discussions with creative professionals. The first week of content includes kitchen demonstrations with Food Prize’s Melissa Brannan, homemade cocktails with guest Colton Johnson of Bear’s, business mentorship with accountant Anna Gleason, and a discussion with Dr. Jaya McSharma — a filmmaker and healthcare professional — about the community impact of COVID-19.

Tune into PrizeCast each weekday starting April 6th at noon on the PrizeFest on Facebook or subscribe to the PrizeCast YouTube Channel.