image1The popular online boutique Suite Nine1Six has just opened its first storefront location at 2410 Line Avenue. It has been operating as an online-only experience for two years running and was also featured as a part of Shreveport DDA’s popUP shops in the winter of 2015.

When I opened the door to the stereo bumping, photo booth snapping, and champagne bottles popping, I knew this grand opening was unlike any other. Shreveport has a brand new (well…kinda) place to shop for high fashion that is in walking and biking distance for Highlanders.

Why did I say “kinda?” Well, while Suite Nine1Six may be new to many today, it has actually been in existence for over two years as an online boutique.

The store was packed with established “Suiteys” (This is what a customer is called. Isn’t that adorable?) who began their love affair online and “Suiteys to be” (I just made that one up, but I think it fits.) who were discovering the range of styles this boutique has to offer.

image1 (1)Desiree Mingo, the owner, certainly has a passion for fashion, but her love goes deeper than just the fabric. “I have a passion for women. I originally went to school to be a doctor. I wanted to reach women in any way that I could to teach them about their bodies. And I love fashion, so they collided. I’m able to reach women how I wanted to to let them know that you can be sexy no matter your size or how you look. That’s why we carry sizes from XS to 3XL.”

She has clothes that cater to all sizes and all occasions. Whether you are going to work, on a date, or even to church, your outfit can be put together here.

The “Queen Suite” (I’m really having fun with this.) Mingo left a fashion tip before she dove back into the festivities: “Define your sexy. Whatever works for you, it’s not about what works for the world. A trend is temporary. Style and fashion last forever. And, make sure you wear something off the shoulder this summer.”


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