Throngs of Shreveport’s arts elite gathered to celebrate the launch of Cookie Du Bois’s signature fragrance, Highland Belle. The scent, named for the historic neighborhood, and jewel of our fair city’s core, is inspired by both the neighborhood, and the whimsy of the designer’s coveted clothing line.

Of the perfume DuBois said, “My customer is a daring, strong and opinionated woman who takes what she wants from life and follows her #dreamport”. The fragrance itself is full of character-it has light top notes of spice, jasmine and honeysuckle with basenotes of tobacco and moonshine.

Rose flowed abundantly for this damned and beautiful crowd of artists, actors and society darlings. The fete was catered by an anonymous underground patisserie said to be operating out of the defunct Columbia Cafe. Among those in attendance were Amy Treme of the Highland Tremes, Brittany Turner aka, the northerner, and Hillary Frazier, painter and model.