La Tortuga

This month at Rhino, Shreveporter (and Heliopolis contributor) Robert E. Trudeau has taken over the walls at Rhino Coffee‘s uptown location. Former teacher at Caddo Schools, he is now blessing us with being a full time artist. Allow me to describe his latest showing.

If you visit 721 Southfield before groundhog day rolls around, you will find a variety of meticulously detailed images. It reminds me of a painting comprised with dots of a brush rather than swipes; upon closer inspection of Trudeau’s images, you realize that there is more detail that you first noticed.

Common themes in Robert’s work include our geographical ancestors; the Caddo people. When we see ourselves as American pioneers, Trudeau reels us in to remember our rich heritage that lies outside of ourselves. His images evoke a people that may not have tuned to a radio, but were tuned to the land of its rhythms to survive over thousands of years.


Trudeau reaches even further back on a few prints that were new to me. His style turns hieroglyphical in Hamsa, and his skill with geometrics comes into clear view.

So head over to Rhino today, or go to the Look and See Film Screening later this month at Minicine?, to see more of Robert’s work. It won’t be your last chance to see his art, but honestly, why wait?

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My personal favorite, “Caddo Warriors on the Red River”