Art at Rhino: Matthew Barkley and Camille Waterfallen

Art. Coffee. South Highlands. A combination that never gets old.

Rhino’s latest installment of colorful pieces will provide a fresh way to adorn and accent the familiar green walls, adding to the ambiance of my favorite window seat in Shreveport.


This artwork features Camille Waterfallen and Matthew Barkley, local artists co-hosting a reception on Friday evening, April 22nd from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.. Each has a distinct style; Waterfallen’s larger and more abstract, Barkley’s smaller and more detail oriented.

Matthew Barkley is a recent graduate from the Louisiana Tech School of Architecture. His upbringing and studies brought him to many towns and cities across America, Africa, and Europe, where he became fascinated with both the natural and built environments, and the tension between the two. His pieces will explore “the monumentality of landforms, and constitutes an exploration of the technique and texture in the process of rendering the natural world.” Pieces from his untitled collection are in the medium of pencil and watercolor, framed.

desert face
desert face – Barkley

While previous pieces from Barkley focused on skylines as an icon, inspired by work in architecture and an inner-city non-profit, his current work has shifted to focus on the natural environment. His collection is influenced by his growing knowledge of landscape architecture and ecological issues; the art is born out of an interest in “‘the land’, not as the antithesis of ‘the city’ but as its inherent and necessary counterpart.”

Also on display is artwork from Camille Waterfallen, a Shreveport native. She attended SMU, studying business management, studio art, and Spanish. Camille’s new collection, titled ‘Color Theory’, is in the medium of acrylic on canvas. It will “explore the relationship between shape and color and the familiar and abstract.”

Color Theory 3
Color Theory 3 – Waterfallen

For Camille, this new collection of abstract art is a triumph in her journey as an artist. In her words, “it is complete diversion from realism and the need for control that influenced my previous work.”  She has enjoyed pushing herself and envisions adding a few more pieces to this collection and starting a new collection before the year is out.

Matthew and Camille will have an opening reception on Friday, April 22 from 4:00 to 6:30 at Rhino. Even if you miss the chance to meet them at the reception, their artwork will continue to be on display. You can see more of Matthew’s art at his instagram, @matthewbarkleyart or at his website You can see more of Camille’s art at her website,