Just three months ago, the Noble Savage Tavern was shuttered after the tragic death of its owner, Angela Godley. While the investigation got underway, the lives of the staff and the community that frequented the bar remained shaken.

Since opening in 1996, the Savage (417 Texas St.) had been a cornerstone of downtown Shreveport nightlife. Its closing was its own form of tragedy, creating a nightly vacuum between the riverfront and the West Edge districts. Known for its late night food, live music, and “no shitty-beer” policy, Noble Savage’s personality fit along with its location – somewhere between the niche arts community and the tourism sector. Several rumors, big and small, swirled about what would become of the property in the weeks following the closure, from new owners, to takeovers, or complete redesign of the space for a different purpose.

Easy Money will be the opening act for Noble's return.
Easy Money will be the opening act for Noble’s return.

After some time hanging in the void between closure and whatever fate may have otherwise happened, it became apparent that a determined few of the establishment’s original staff would re-open the tavern exactly as it was – or almost. Fresh coats of paint have been applied to many of the walls and almost entirely new bathroom fittings had been installed. The kitchen floor is new and art has been rehung with care. Noble Savage feels new, but familiar. Cleaner, and yet no character has been lost – similar to the Bears on Fairfield re-opening earlier this year. You can tell this place is a labor of love.

The doors will swing wide this Thursday, December 18th at 5 p.m. and the crew is eager to welcome the community back – part of their own grieving process for the loss of Angela and a chance to move forward with something near to all of us who loved the Savage. If you go, you will be treated to the full original menu – plans for new experiences are underway – and if you had a personalized mug before, you’ll be able to use it again.

Local band Easy Money will be providing the live entertainment starting at 8:30 p.m..

The chef specials for the opening are:

Appetizer: Buffalo carpaccio topped with house made pesto, lemon, and grated parmesan cheese
Soup: New England clam chowder
Sandwich: Smoke house grilled breast of chicken with buffalo bacon, caramelized onions, smoked gouda, on an onion roll
Pasta: Rigatoni with mushrooms, prosciutto ham in an aurora sauce
Fish: Pan seared fresh gulf speckled trout meuniere
Red: New York sirloin resting on a pool of demi glaze, covered in a gorganzola cheese sauce
Wild: Pecan crusted tenderloin of rabbit with a wild blueberry sauce
White: Crawfish cornbread stuffed pork loin, with natural gravy and a jalapeno-cranberry relish
Feature Sides: Black Chinese rice and spaghetti squash
Special Dessert: Tiramisu and creme brulee

It’s something to behold, watching a this place return from the brink. I had a chance to snap some photos which we’ve embedded below.

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