24271343349_c1eb89b99f_hWaves of percussion in Shreveport takes place at H&H Lounge Performing Arts Center adjacent to the defunct Pete Harris Cafe corner of of Milam St. and Hope St. just outside of downtown. Every Tuesday, people who want to experience a drum circle stop by between 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.. Musicians, spoken word performers and singers also sit in.

Says host and master percussionist Ron Hardy, “Tuesday night drumming is all about healing. It is a very musical experience but it is, most importantly, a time to work out tensions and release a vibe that calms and medicates.”

“When I first heard of the drum circle,” says attorney Dobbie Dunlap, “I immediately thought of some New Age Iron John Male Sweat Lodge convocation. That didn’t interest me. What did interest me was making music. And that’s what the drum circle is all about. An eclectic group of men and women who enjoy being a part of music.”

Numerous congas, djembes and shakers await use by the participants.

“It’s improv, it’s free: you never can tell what kind of music will arise on a Tues night,” says Hardy.

All ages. Water. No cover.
H&H Lounge – 717 Hope Street, Shreveport, La 71101