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If you missed it last night, you can now watch or listen to the entirety of The Shreveport Times’ SBC Unfiltered: The Challenge. This event was meant to bring together runoff candidates to speak to citizens between the ages of 18-35. All city council candidates attended as did mayoral candidate Victoria Provenza. Candidate Ollie Tyler declined to attend. Check out the video and audio embeds below. A transcript is in the works.

Participating were the following candidates:

District A
Willie Bradford
Rose Wilson McCulloch
District B
Lynn D. Cawthorne
Jeff Everson
District E
James Flurry
Durwood Hendricks Jr.
Victoria Provenza

Note: There are two cuts in the video and audio. First, at 1 hour 17 minutes, 8 seconds, the camera lost power briefly. No content was missed. The second was for a media card swap at 1 hour, 20 minutes, 27 seconds. Again, no content was missed.

This event documentation experiment was one that I worked with The Shreveport Times on in order to establish a baseline of expectation for documenting important events in our city’s future, starting with politics. This is meant to cocome ment the discussions about the transparency and communication standards we have come to expect of our local government. The Times has been 100% supportive of working with people like myself who want to hold the area to a higher standard. I see a bright future for Heliopolis, The Times, and Shreveport’s active, caring community.