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Friday, August 7, 2020

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Uber Has Applied to Operate its Rideshare Service in Shreveport

Look out, Lyft. Uber is ready to compete in Shreveport. After Lyft having a few months head start, Uber has agreed to Shreveport's requirements and...

Before and After: Downtown Shreveport’s Arts District Transformation

There's no doubt that downtown Shreveport has a long way to go before becoming a booming, bustling area of town once again, but that...

Hot Damn! Brunch Comes to Downtown Shreveport

Brunch has been growing in popularity in Shreveport the last few years, finally catching up to the last decade the rest of the world...

Havana Live Cigar Lounge Grand Opening Saturday in Downtown Shreveport

'Tis a year of new businesses downtown. Aura Ultra Lounge, Parish Taceaux, a pending opening of Rhino Coffee's downtown location, coupled with the nearly-complete...

Modern Parking by App: On the Way for Shreveport?

Code of Ordinances and City Council resolutions. I hope you've had your coffee today.

Interstate 49: To Build or Not to Build

Since 1994, a segment of I-49 has frustrated city planners and citizens alike. With public input sessions on the fate of the connecting piece, it's time to dive into the issue.

Downtown Shreveport: A Different World

Human awareness is a curious thing; we can be close in proximity to one another or face a familiar set of circumstances, yet inhabit a...

Downtown Redevelopment Threatens Shreveport’s Most Vulnerable Residents [Satire]

Downtown Shreveport is set to redevelop several derelict buildings and to return vibrancy to the area with both commercial and residential properties. Some of...

The Shape of Shreveport Doc Series: Homegrown & Needed

Much has been written and said about The Shape of Shreveport, a 20-part documentary series exploring this region’s history and culture. Unfortunately, most of...

Leeaux Leo, Creative Intel present all ages music and art event...

Making his mark on Shreveport via sketching, paintings and by baking events, Leeaux Leo reminds some of organizer April Dahm, some of arts producer...

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