Kevin Barnes, the poet who releases songs and performs as Of Montreal, could be the next Dylan-like Nobel laureate. His storytelling is rife with emotion, word play, historic and literary allusion and provocation.

On the one hand, his tunes rock the club. On the other hand, his lyrics remind me of Dylan or Schopenhauer.

There is a virus in your tenets
Don’t be naive, you know it’s true
And if you don’t protect yourself
Obsidian currents, obsidian currents
Will devour you.”

Sunday, December 17, Of Montreal plays 601 Spring Street in downtown Shreveport, says Chase Boytim, who booked them in a sold-out show at Bears in 2015.

Twenty bucks for a band known across the globe and the gender-fluid genius known as Kevin Barnes. Buy tickets here.

For those who know Of Montreal, this performance could be like bopping around the Sanchi Stupa on Soma.

For those who’ve yet to truly discover Barnes, expect a sanctified evening of riotously chromatic entertainment.

Cato, play with my head
I won’t know the difference
If we’re living in the novelist
Or statistician

Cato, mess with my concepts
My inner vision
Like a strobing light
Please confuse my every decision

I can’t even pretend that you are my friend
What has happened to you and I?”

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