SBC is home to a bevy of homegrown artists and content creators, and its music scene is an ever-expanding network of hidden talent. Those who immerse themselves in the local electronic music scene are well aware of a performer whose unique approach to live performances earned him a respected seat at the up and comer’s table. Twenty-three year-old Andrew Kirschman, who performs under the alias, “Nanolog,” is a high-energy disk jockey with the heart of a guitarist who seamlessly merges the less than familiar worlds of rock and electronic dance music.

As a Houston native, Kirschman relocated to Shreveport in his early 20s to pursue his passion for creative expression in a new environment. Always actively indulging in his love for music, he chose to take up guitar at age 12 and has since made it a staple of his musical performances. As a relative newcomer to the local music scene, Kirschman has already had the opportunity to play dozens of concerts locally as well as in various cities in Texas and as far from home as Florida. By combining an old passion for the raw power of rock guitar and new flame for the heavy bass driven vibes of dance music, he’s carved a niche for himself and shows no signs of slowing his pace.

“I’ve always been a jam band kind of guy,” he said. “I remember when I first heard electronic music. A friend of mine played ‘I Can’t Stop’ by Flux Pavilion for me in his car and I really didn’t understand it,” he recalls. “It wasn’t until I went to my first show that I was like ‘Oh, now I get it!’ I’ve been fascinated with it ever since.”

Making his way into the world of live dance music as a dj, he quickly built a fan base who admired his fusion of traditional electronic music elements with powerful improvised guitar riffs and solos. It wasn’t long before veteran clubbers and novices alike were familiar with his presence.

Under a neon-lit bridge on the evening of Sept. 18, 2014, Kirschman could be seen performing with one of the most iconic figures in the world of electronic dance music today, Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method. The performance was part of the annual Digifest South arts and technology festival hosted by the Bossier Arts Council. Kirschman cites the BAC as not only one of his biggest supporters, but also as a positive force in Shreveport-Bossier’s creative scene.

“I love those guys,” he says, remembering their hospitality. “They are a great group of people and they made it such an incredible experience for me.”

Kirschman remains grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to share the stage with such a prevalent figure of the industry, but this is truly a testament to his own ability to win the hearts of his audience and event organizers alike.

While having a proven support system in his SBC fans, Kirschman also has plans of broadening his reach for miles around in the future. “I just do it because I love it, man. I love seeing people having a blast because of what I do. Hopefully the scene only grows from here.”

Photo by Anna Sheffield.