Where are you from? Where did you go to high school? 
About 3 hours south east of Shreveport in Vidalia, LA. I went to the public school there in town. 

Did I recently catch you playing at Day Old Blues when the Rolling Record Store came to town?
Yeah, I just happen to be in town. It was pretty last minute. I was passing through from Portland on my way to Vidalia. Not on any sort of tour, just had to stop and see my pals.

PressPhoto3What are your early musical influences?
Early influences that stuck around and really had an impact on my music would be Dylan and Bowie. The Beatles, too, early on.

What are your favorite venues in Shreveport?
I’ve played lots of shows in Shreveport – mainly at Bears. It’s my favorite spot in town… show or no show. I don’t find myself very many other places. Dalzell house would be my runner-up; good shows and pals around.

Are you in a band or are you a solo artist?
I play with a six-piece band here, in Portland.

How would you describe the music scene in Portland?
Great. It’s one of my favorites.  There are great shows nearly every night of the week and the community is spread out, but very supportive. There isn’t much trash talk up here.

If we visit Portland what music venues would you recommend to your Shreveport friends?
Mississippi Studios is great. Some of the best sound in town. Rontoms big free show every Sunday. Landmark Saloon on Wednesday for an amazing country band and $2 whiskeys. Doug Fir is really great, too. As far as house shows go, Pal’s Clubhouse.

My sincere compliments on your hair – may I ask who cuts it?
Her name is Aria Mikkola-Sears. She’s pretty tough to book.

Photos of Craft by Todd Walberg