Making his mark on Shreveport via sketching, paintings and by baking events, Leeaux Leo reminds some of organizer April Dahm, some of arts producer and artist David Nelson. He is somehow both a questor and a producer.

He says, “I’m a creator of sorts. I spend my time finding inspiration from music and the arts/culture I expose myself to. In a sense I’m creating the world around me. I’m only 23. I want to do great things in the environment around me no matter where [I am]. My main goal is to inspire those I reach with my artwork or story.”

Thus his omnivorous event at Artspace Shreveport on Saturday, May 30: portculture.

Spy the surreal Texas Ave. mural on the side of the co-op Bike Container? That’s Leo’s work. Says Leo, “I have a gift of art that has been with me since I was young. I don’t take it for granted. Instead I use it to shape my world.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.09.35 AM
Move Orchestra

Some days Leo seems everywhere in Shreveport, as in multiple coffee shops, lunch counters, art events, and taverns.

“We are a Port of Culture,” he reminds. “A melting pot in the south. I’m here to help show this to the eyes of people who have not been paying attention before. Sometimes people knock our music scene but it’s nothing bad at all. It just needed organization. So I made a team of friends to help do this under Creative Intel Productions, where we creatively provide aesthetics to our events, creative promotion, with art and intelligence.”

A vignette to go with an Arkansas band, Move Orchestra, that Leo will present Saturday night at Artspace: “I was living in Little Rock at the beginning of September and heard a rumor that a band I grew up listening to had formed a new band. They used to be called PMToday. They were signed to Rise Records. They formed a new project called Move Orchestra. I crossed paths with them when a friend of mine invited me to a show in downtown Little Rock. I was selling my artwork and enjoying the show. Move Orchestra had a brilliant performance. It was something like I’ve never heard or seen before.”

“Finally after building up the courage to talk to them,” notes the rarely-shy artist, “I gave Connor Brogan, lead vocalist, creative mind behind it all, some of my artwork and we shared how you can make a difference by actively supporting the music and art culture directly in your community. We talked for some time. I explained to him this is my purpose here, to create. We laughed and exchanged information. Soon after I booked my first show in Little Rock with a band I was helping manage at the time called The Hacking, and some locals. Move Orchestra performed on it and it was amazing. They had a great time and we remained in touch.”


Music begins at 3 pm. Admission, $10 before 6PM. $13 after 6PM. Comestibles for sale by Ki Mexico and Jester Food Truck.

Parking in church parking lot across the street from Artspace Shreveport.