The Louisiana Music Prize is revving up, and we’ve got more bands to talk to!  This time, we reached out to Austin’s own Taylor and the Wild Now to get to know them a bit better. The eponymous Taylor got back to us to let us know what’s what. Once again, we present the interview for your reading pleasure.

Heliopolis: Congrats again on being selected for the Louisiana Music Prize!

Taylor and the Wild Now: Thanks so much!

Helio: Seems like you’re doing great already. What are a few notable things the band has done recently? Bragging rights stuff. Any festivals? Recording sessions? Big shows?

T&tWN: We were featured in American Songwriter as a Daily Discovery artist, and have been in the studio recording 2 brand new songs. We were also recently featured on KUTX as Song of the Day. We’re also about to release a new single called “Gold Dust”, and are planning a big single release show in Austin. We’re playing at Texas Reds Festival this Saturday with an impressive lineup including Ray Wylie Hubbard, David Ramirez, Bob Schneider, and more.

Helio: Do you tour regularly? If so, what are some of your favorite cities or regions and why?

T&tWN: We don’t tour regularly, but that is definitely an upcoming goal once we release our EP.  Some of our favorite cities we’ve played in are Denver, Nashville, and Austin of course.

Helio: Has the band ever passed through or played Shreveport before? Anywhere close?

T&tWN: We’ve never played in Shreveport, but we’ve heard great things and are very excited to play there!

Helio: If you could, what are a few bands you’d love to open for on a tour?

T&tWN: A few bands we’d love to open for are Local Natives, Alabama Shakes, and Glass Animals

Helio: What are your favorite TV shows currently?  For us, it’s “True Detective” and “Game of Thrones.”

T&tWN: Our favorite TV show is currently Portlandia. It’s just so perfectly weird.

Helio: Any other cool facts about the band? Is anyone related? Cool stories of how you met, etc.?

T&tWN: We have a band mascot, and she’s our boxer named Basil. Another cool fact is that Drew and I are dating, and we met at a Local Natives show a few SXSW’s ago!

Thanks again to Taylor and the Wild Now for having a chat with us! Take a look at their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, too. Go check them and all the other bands out for yourself at LA Music Prize this week!