The band Engine is a well known musical carousel in our Ark-La-Tex music community. A lot of cool things have happened with them in the past few years, including four full length album releases, two EPs, a string of music videos, and a few national tours. So why is the band announcing an end? Landon Miller, frontman of the band, and Heliopolis contributor gives us his schizophrenic self-interview on this controversial topic.

As follows:
H = Heliopolis
E = Engine 

H: Alright, straight to it: Is ENGINE breaking up? There has been of rumors flying around about member shifts, a new band, and breaking up the old one. Giving up?

E: Not at all. In fact, we are really just setting ourselves up to be more sustainable and long-lasting. The name change is a good thing for us. A sign we are taking ourselves seriously and setting up the dominos for future victories.

H: Hmmmm. Okay. What’s the new name and why?


I’m glad you asked. You gotta think about it like this: everything in the world is already taken. We run into barriers constantly with the name Engine. It’s impossible to search online; it’s a million other things, and it’s already being used by three or four other bands across time and space. We want you to find our music, so we are trying to make it easier. Also, several of our dear and closest friends have played with us over the years, but can’t commit to it anymore. The name change will help close a chapter of our lives in a good way. Clean slate. Taking the baby down to the river for the baptism.

H: Okay, well should we expect much of a different sound? Are the members different? You’re scaring me.

E: Similar sound. A little gentler perhaps. A bit more roots-rock. For fans of our album Caverns of Sonora, this will be an exciting directional return. New instruments are being added. If you’ve seen us in the past 6 months you’ll know that we added a horn player. Josh Waldrop has really smoothed us out with his jazz trumpet and french horn. Ben Densmore has also been moving over to keys more often. I’m playing an acoustic a bit more. It’s still changing. We’ve always been a band on the move and we intend to stay that way.

H: Fair enough. I can’t wait to hear it. How long do we have to wait to hear the new sound? Have an album in the works?

E: Actually, some of it is online already. Go LIKE our Facebook page or search it on Soundcloud. We have a 7- inch record coming out this fall and a full length this winter. It’s all mostly recorded. We have been working on it in our secret Highland laboratory for the past year and can’t wait to get it out there and into your ears. There will also be several new music videos dropping over the holidays in support of the new songs.

H: Oh nice. Juicy. Well, it seems like it’s not such a grim ending after all. Glad to hear the creative fountain is still flowing.

E: Yes, indeed. Exciting things are to come. This is only the beginning. If you like Engine, though, and need some closure, we are playing a final show at Bear’s on Fairfield in August. Old members are coming back together for one final throw down. Don’t miss it!

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Photocred: Andrew Toups @hustleandtruthphoto