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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Robert E. Trudeau

Robert E. Trudeau is an award-winning multi-media artist. See and purchase sketches and paintings at https://www.flickr.com/photos/robert_trudeau/albums/72157634517449070

Above the Dirty Thirty on Texas Ave: A Sound Vortex Called...

Bingbong. Braaang. Nonnnng. Expect a melodious cacaphony from the cottages at 1001 Texas Ave when you visit the latest UNSCENE! installation. "It's scientific music,"...

From the Caddo Parish Penal Farm to the Sierra Nevadas: Seattle-based,...

"This series was captured during a 221-mile solo hike across the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the state of California," artist Cody Cobb told...

Pull My Daisy

Lackadaisies lack more than a daisy. They are going separate ways. Mus is developing a group perhaps called Louisiana Apple Seed. Another freshly-minted group...

Einstein’s Supper at George’s Grill

George’s Grill, Shreveport, has seen its share of personalities despite its humble size and appointments. No less a personality than Albert Einstein ate there...

An Entirely Truthful Revision of Shreveport History

Few people know that Shreveport was founded by a gaggle of wide-hatted Chinese in the Year of the Turtle. The Chinese, originators of almost every...

New Generation Experimental Theater: Literary Lyrics from Lumpy Grits

Inspired by the radical NYC troupe called Mabou Mines and by director Robert Alford, LSUS professor and producer of Black Box Theatre plays, Cherie...

Dirtfoot’s “Coming Up for Air:” A Review

“We. We run this town. Let’s turn this motherf*cker upside down.” In case we wondered whether Dirtfoot’s energy was planing off as the group enters...

James Marks’ Wire Wonders

Jesters, sprites, avian spirits, mimes, jongleurs: what do you see when you catch sight of a James Marks wire sculpture? The evocative metal figures twisted...

Sean Starwars: Exhibits at Meadows and Downtown at Norsworthy

Pink pigs wearing hats. Blue wolves wearing smirks. Green gorillas baring fangs. That’s typical imagery from the beastarium of printmaker Sean Starwars. Ten years ago...

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