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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Eric Gardner

Born and raised in Shreveport, Eric Gardner spends his time training Highland cats to fetch tall boys and walking backwards in an attempt to grow younger.

The Barstool Bard: I am Watching

I am watching you watching me, not realizing I'm watching you. The stage and colored lights create an illusory distance, But it is really a platform...

The Barstool Bard: The Trinidadian

I struggle to understand The Trinidadian who Muffles his thick accent With a waxily calloused hand As kazoo and electric bass Rattle in a concrete and metal can, Mixed with...

The Barstool Bard

I will destroy you. Nothing you know about you Will be the same After me. You will not cease to exist, But the you that was, will disappear. I will...

The Barstool Bard: Icy Eyes

From across the room, Your eyes icily smolder, Like sunlight catching Ancient water Imprisoned in a glacier, Alice blue and white, Cold and bright, Intoxicatingly inviting, Yet fraught with danger, Deceptively beautiful. Frozen and...

The Barstool Bard: Ne Plus Ultra

Perfection is not possible, only attempts to achieve, To even try requires that we have to believe In the possibility of reaching success, But failure is inherent,...

The Barstool Bard: A Conversation with Myself

I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at me. For letting my guard down, For letting you in, For giving you The benefit of the doubt, For thinking this time...

The Barstool Bard

Sitting here and trying to think Amidst hipster beards and clinking drinks, Tales of dreams and lusty leers Mix mistily ​​with choking smoke and spilling beers, Why do...

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