All Y’all returns for its fifteenth, yes FIFTEENTH, storytelling event on Sunday, November 4th at Red River Brewing Company in downtown Shreveport. The theme this go-around is “Let’s Eat” and features six true stories told live on stage. Tickets are now available for purchase online for $15.

If you’ve never been to an All Y’all event, you are missing out on one of Shreveport’s most amazing shared experiences. There’s nothing quite like hearing stories from your neighbors and fellow Shreveporters to make you feel more connected and appreciative of the community we enjoy here. If you’ve got a love for this city and the wild trappings of southern culture, “Let’s Eat” will be a night you won’t want to miss.

Gloria Marion speaks during the All Y’all live event, “Under the Influence.”

Announced storytellers include Anthony “Catfish” Woodward, Marli Chesak and Ashley Passantino. Additional storyteller announcements and other event details will be posted on the All Y’all Facebook page as they become available.

Proceeds from “Let’s Eat” will be donated to the Eddie E. Hughes Foundation, a Shreveport-based nonprofit organization, in support of its efforts to establish a stuffed shrimp festival in Shreveport. Organizers of the festival plan to host a kick-off event in January 2019 in order to announce more details of the festival. This will be the fifth annual fundraiser event hosted by All Y’all; funds raised at these events are referred to as The Fidnto Award.

Stories told at All Y’all live events are recorded and released individually as podcast episodes. Stories from previous All Y’all events can be streamed at or through popular podcast apps like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher and Overcast. All Y’all live storytelling events may include strong language or adult subject matter and are recommended for mature audiences.

All Y’all creators and hosts, Chris Jay and Sara Hebert.